City by City App

Editor-curated listings, travel guides and trip planning tools.

Project Type

Mobile App






UX/UI design

City by City is one of WGSN’s staple sub-products, used heavily by the core group of Fashion and Lifestyle & Interiors customers. It is somewhat of an editor-curated Yelp; hand-picked shopping, dining, accomodation and sightseeing choices from top cities around the world.

In 2016, it finally came time to call time of death on the old version of the app (built around iOS 6 era), and fit in a rebuild and reskin. The tech team decided to rebuild from scratch using React Native so that we could package the same app for iOS and Android (and because we do not have iOS or Android developers in-house). The functionality of the app was to stay in tact, but since we were doing the rebuild, it only made sense to give the visuals a bit of a refresh.

Since this happened right around the time our rebrand was being discussed, I purposely kept the visuals as simple as possible to allow for an easy update in the future.

In both the desktop product and the app, users are able to view and filter through place listings, browse through the biggest cities in the world and create their own maps and itineraries, filled with their top to-dos as recommended by our editors. We did our best to keep each of these user interactions and patterns inline with similar apps like Yelp, Google or TripAdvisor so that there was no space for confusion or difficulty of use.