The tools and software I use daily.

  • Figma

    The best design tool in the game.

  • Kap

    Perfect for quick screen recording gifs.

  • 1Password

    If you're not using a password manager, you should be. 1Password is the best one.

  • Rocket

    Slack-style :emoji: picker for your Mac.

  • My Mind

    The best tool for saving websites with a visual preview.

  • Hyper

    I'm no command line expert, but I do know Hyper is good-looking and has a "wow" mode.

  • GitHub Desktop

    See above re: command line expertise.

  • MeetingBar

    Quickly see your next meeting (or lack thereof) right in your menu bar.

Figma Plugins

  • Stark

    Useful for checking color contrast ratios against WCAG guidelines.

  • Translator

    While I wouldn't use this for production copy, it's great for quick string-length tests.

  • Rename It

    Bulk layer renaming.

  • Remove BG

    Kinda like magic.

  • Design Lint

    Catches unlinked color and type styles.

  • Sorter

    If you're worried about organizing layers, Sorter is great for, well, sorting them.

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