Over my career I've been lucky enough to work on some great projects with a few incredible teams. In the projects below, I played the role of product designer (and part-time front-end engineer in most cases) on teams as small as one and as large as fifteen.

Some day I will write proper case studies for all of these... but for now, a list and some links.*

  • Quest website for The Adventure Guild in 2020
  • Rosetta design system at Squarespace in 2020
  • Website for Rupert Graves in 2020
  • Newsroom tools at The Wall Street Journal in 2019
  • Stipple design system at The Wall Street Journal in 2019
  • Guest Wi-Fi at WeWork in 2017
  • Rivendell design system at WeWork in 2017
  • Insight at WGSN in 2016
  • Catwalks app at WGSN in 2016
  • Marketing site at WGSN in 2016
  • Collab app in 2016
  • City by City app at WGSN in 2016
  • Workspace & Image Library at WGSN in 2016
  • Rebrand & style guide at WGSN in 2016
  • Meat Cuts for Meat & Livestock Australia at Creative Licence Digital in 2014

* Projects without links are behind paywalls or otherwise not publicly available.

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